Saturday, April 17, 2010

Whos a P-plater? I am, pick me!!!

I got my license!!! I am finally a P-plater!!! It took me three goes at the test, but I finally passed! Believe me those testing officers are mean...

So now I've been driving to work by myself this week and I'm loving the freedom that comes with owning a car and finally having the license to drive it!

My nan was the one who gave me the best advice about driving,"...just remember that everyone else out there is an idiot."

Thanks Nanny! I will definitely remember that! :D

So everybody, you've been warned! Stay off the roads....:D


Thursday, April 1, 2010

3 months

Today is the end of my probationary period as an apprentice hairdresser! I'm not actually at work today seeing as it is a public holiday!!! But I have finished my three months all the same. Pretty much it means I can't drop out very easily now...and I start getting government bonuses!!!

So 3 months down....33 months to go! And then probably many years of washing, sweeping, cutting,colouring, sore feet, aching back, cramped hands and yucky fingernails! Ahh the joys!