Thursday, February 3, 2011


My boss had to go to Sydney last Sunday for something, and he had to close the salon for 4 days. This worked for me, seeing as it's been about a year since I've had a real holiday. So I decided to make the most of it. I took my mother and we went off to 'The Entrance', for a real 4 day holiday!

It was fantastic! ! ! I got to sit in the sand, swim in the ocean, look at the tiny God-made aquariums, stare at the amazing view, feel the cool breeze on my face, worry about blue-bottles, and sleep in for 4 days!!! I really really needed it, and I think Mum did as well! I'm so happy we got to go away together!

A couple of funny things happened while I was away.

1. I was in the cabin we were staying in, just doing the dishes when a boy of about 13 walks up our veranda and looks in the door. He doesn't wait for an invite but opens the doors and walks straight in! I was a bit surprised, but I noticed he was down syndrome. He came walking straight towards me with a flower in his outstretched hand and said..." Mahakey! I have a flower for you, Mahakey!!!"

I acted happy and took the flower and offered my gratitude. He then stretched out his arms as wide as he could. I presumed this to mean, 'hug'. It did. So I gave him a pat on the back/half hug thing. I was just thinking how strange this all was until he then patted his cheek. I presumed this to mean, 'kiss'. It did, but I didn't. "No thank you, thanks for the flower but you need to leave now. Bye." I spun him around and walked him out the door..and then proceeded to lock it cause I was a little weirded out.

As he walked down the steps I noticed a little friend of his peeping through my veranda. He said, "Was that Mahakey!", really loudly. My flower,hugging/kissing buddy then proceeded to tell him, "Yup, that was Mahakey!" and then the two of them walked off together. Weird? Yes. A dream? Mmm...Possibly, but I had a flower to prove it.

2. Two men came down to the beach . One middle-age. The other older. Father and Son, I thought. Anyway, Son, popped his toe in the water and was saying how it was cold, but then dived straight in anyway. Father, threw his head back, popped his chest right out, and made his hands into fists and then....howled! Really loud, and for quite a while. A little like a dog. Mum and I were thinking that maybe he was a werewolf....but yeah, not likely. Once he was finished, howling, he looked around and saw me watching him. He looked me in the eye and gave me the strangest chuckle I've ever heard and then dived straight in to the water after his son. Werewolf? Maybe.

So, besides the craziness, Mum and I had a great time and I would very much like to go back to The Entrance again sometime soon.