Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie...!

Australia Day is tomorrow!

I love Australia Day. The patriotism, and the fact that everyone is so happy that we live in such a great country.

Tomorrow is also going to be a scorcher! I heard it was something like 42 degrees! Which might just cancel my plans I had for tomorrow, maybe.

My friend Emily and I have a little tradition..[ which was only started last year ], we like to get dressed up in Australian paraphernalia and make signs that say "HONK! If you love Australia!!" and parade down town with these signs and count how many HONKS we get.

Well, last year we got more than 100 HONKS in the first hour. Then we stopped counting.

It was fun and random and I think people just loved it, and I hope we get to do something similar tomorrow but we'll have to see just how hot it gets.

How do you spend Australia Day? Do you spend it by getting smashed and sunburnt [which I'll eventually get sick of hearing about on Facebook within the next few days]..? Or do you spend it spreading the love to your fellow Aussies...?


HONK!!! ....if You love Australia!


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