Monday, August 3, 2009

Piano Exams

I am so nervous. Tomorrow I have a piano exam in Forbes. I've never been good with the whole exam thing. That would be why I've only ever done two exams in my six or seven years of playing piano. I'm going to try and pass this 4th grade exam with flying colours, but I'm afraid I'll freeze up when the examiner stares down at me with her piercing eyes and says " please start by playing B flat major in similar motion for four octaves."
That would ruin my day. An A+ would be awesome. I think I'd be happy if I got a B or even a C. But I won't push my luck.


  1. Hey Jenna - I'm not sure if this will make you feel any better, but - I wouldn't even know what a B flat major even looked like - let alone playing it in similar motion for four octaves!!! I mean, what the heck is similar motion. To me it sounds like the way I would run out of the room screaming!! Anyway, welcome to blog land! May all go well with your piano exam - and I'm sure you will make an excellent hairdresser. The Kingdom of Heaven rejoices just to have you!!!!