Saturday, August 29, 2009


I spent a whole thirty-two bucks at the show yesterday. I agree with mum that they are 'money-wasters'. How I wish I fit under the child category, I could have got in for five bucks...instead, it cost twelve.

I just lost my train of thought, and I'm pretty sure that a woman with crazy, blond hair and what appeared to be a Santa-Hat on just walked past the side window...

But its probably the fairy floss talking.

Anyway, yes the show. Condo show. The place to be. It was pretty fun. I went on a ride, screamed my heart out [not out of terror of the ride mind you, but out of the thoughts running through my head about how well those things are put together] and then when I got off the ride I couldn't speak. And my throat really hurt. Stupid ride.

Ah gotta love the show. Oh and I found two bucks!



  1. Didn't Emily lost $2? What does that tell you?! ... xx

  2. well she happened to lose hers while she was on a two bucks was no where near any wat does that tell u...that u and emily both trying to scab my easy earned $2!!!!

  3. Ah yes, the show. Mom always told me those rides were evil because they had been taken apart and put together so often, and how was anyone to keep track of all those bolts?

    So when I went to the show whilst in HB with Kylie guess what I did?

    Ride all the rides....including ones I was really technically too short for. Now THATS an experience!

    Yup. And I also had $10 stolen off me somehow in the middle of that.


  4. or fallen out like poor emily...hahah