Thursday, September 10, 2009

Golden Gaytime from Hell

So my friends 1 and 2, and I went out tonight, late night shopping. First we got maccas and then we ate Allen's Snakes.
We had snake-aches.
Then we decided to go and get these new drinks from KFC. They are golden gaytimes, but not your average ice-cream, these are gaytimes in a cup with a straw.
So we were waiting in the drive through after an embarrassing episode of handing the little man in the square window $12 in 2o cent pieces and were waiting patiently for our drinks. Little did we know the Drama that would soon follow....Driving slowly up to the window where our drinks would magically appear from a young girl who definately had an evil glint in her eyes, we rolled the window down and smiled expectantly.
Now whether is was the fault of the stubby armed girl with the evil glint, or the stupidly placed garden between the car and tiny square window which made the distance way to long, or maybe even my anonymous friend 1's fault, we shall never know, but as our beloved drinks were thrown (not passed) down to us from the not-so-magic window, somehow, one unfortunate drink, ended up in anonymous friend 1's lap.
And on her jacket.
And in her car.
And on me.
And on her hand brake.
And on the steering wheel.
And on the carpet.
Suddenly these drinks did not look quite so appetising. The lumpy bits no longer looked like crunchy bits of chocolate and biscuit.
....still the hilariousness could not be stopped. My insides still hurt from how hard we laughed. We parked the car in the KFC car park...if you can call it a park and then anonymous friend number 2 was waiting in line to ask for napkins.
Now we don't know who to blame for this series of unfortunate events, but I still think it was the stubby arms and the evil glint.



  1. Grrr...stupid stubby armed evil-glinting eyed girl...they always do something like that and then look at you with this innocent look...

  2. I'm with you guys! But do nor fear - Ambiguity Woman is here. She will conquer the world slowly by removing all stubby-armed, evil glinting girls from drive throughs and replace them with long-armed, pleasant yummy young men!